Aren’t you scared? Sometimes I am.

It was a time when I would sign up for any newsletter available.
I found their ‘bait’ extremely tempting …“tell us your name and email address and we’ll notify you when we do something awesome”…and I did.
Then, technology evolved and the same businesses that would send me an email once a month with ‘interesting’ information, some of them, started sending automated emails every week, every day, and some really annoying ones, every few hours.

Here are some simple-to-follow steps to build #morepersonal email campaigns.

1- How many emails are too many to form a ‘healthy and stable’ relationship?
Keyword: numbers
2- Not everybody subscribed to your list will read your emails.
Keyword: engagement
3- Plan your strategy.
Keyword: metrics
4- Know your customers preferences.
Keyword: listening

Remember, you want to build a relationship with your subscribers, never assume they will be ‘clients’ after one email.

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