Marketing is the ‘art’ of selling a product or service focusing on its benefits to a targeted audience.
The types of marketing are various. From social marketing, search engine marketing, or internet marketing, all are based on the 4P’s of marketing mix product, price, place and promotion (McCarthy, 1960).
The connotations on users experience could be also mixed.

Good marketing versus sleazy marketing.

Good marketing will sell effortlessly without arising suspicious amongst the audience, but sleazy marketing, will struggle to convert them into customers.
When we think of sleazy marketing, we probably think of smooth talkers, lies, twisted words, “look into my eyes” techniques.

Here are 5 easy points to follow in order to make your marketing more effective.

• Look through your love glasses Would I let my mum to buy this?
• Don’t overwhelmed your customers Acknowledge their issue and encourage them to improve. And make them feel good about changing their approach. Give them solutions no more problems.
• Transparency and honesty Make them your 2 keywords. They will help you to connect with the right people.
• State your principles What’s more important to you? Be true to your ethics…whatever they are.
• Grow Relationships Remember, is not a 1-2-1, but a 1-2-many. This way you will grow

It doesn’t need to be like that. Just put some love into it.

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