We all like a good laugh, right?
And we all think that our jokes are really funny. So we go and use humour (with or without a u) to lighting up the purpose of our message.
Many businesses do it right and many more do it wrong. Why?

Well, for once they didn’t take into account that although humour is a normal part of everyday life, different cultures have different expectations and perceptions of humour.

They also assume that humour is a universal thing, that it can be translated between languages without losing their meaning. Perceptions, preferences, emotions, cultures, all play an important part when we decide to use humour as a tool to deliver our messages.

All we have to do is follow four simple rules:

• Break the rules but keep it respectful, think on your audience emotions
• Make your message clear so your audience doesn’t take long to understand it
• Make it relevant to your niche industry; if you are a web designer don’t make jokes about science rockets
• Don’t be afraid of trying something that hasn’t been tried before. You want to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Although it has to be a positive one.

I should try this myself if only to hear someone else laughing at my jokes but me!!

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