8 Steps Plan For An eCommerce Project


E-commerce has been around since early 1960 when companies were looking for different ways to exchange data electronically using a common language and data transfer protocol.  Although every project is different, the development plan should be the same for all.

We take 8 steps when working on an eCommerce project.

  1. Planning 
  2. HTML Design 
  3. Database Design 
  4. Programming 
  5. Testing
  6. Go Live
  7. Maintaining 
  8. Improving 

By following those 8 simple-to-follow steps the project is developed in 4 stages:

  1. Determine functional and non-functional requirements by asking general questions. This will give the functionalities that the site should perform.
  2. As a result of the requirements a design of how the site will work.
  3. This is where the code is produce. It is a phase that can be developed overlapping (at the same time) the design and the testing phase.
  4. The testing ensures that the develop application works as specified in the requirements’ phase.

Every development should go through a cycle model describing the phases to cover and the order in which those phases should be executed. Each phase will help to organize the development and produce deliverables required by the next phase.

Based on Larry Ullman (Effortless e-Commerce 2011)

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  • Date: February 12, 2015
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