How To Build Your Brand Effectively

A brand is a group of values.
The value brand is being co-created by consumers through their interactions with the products.
Brands are a mix of functionality and emotional values which are the base to build on consumers trust.
Consumers will choose brands based on how those values fit into their lifestyles, and their success depends on how well the consumers feel the emotional values they represent, how well are those values implemented to them and how they enhance their experiences with the product.
Those experiences should be unique to each brand and built on their customer value according to how those values satisfy the customer.

When consumers have to choose a brand they will ask five questions:
• How does it perform?
• Is it a good value for money?
• If it’s not the right choice, how much time will have been wasted?
• Is any of my peers associated with them?
• Does the brand match their self-image?

The brand team should maximise the positive answers to those questions which will help the brand to succeed in building trust consumers.
This is the brand strategy where the team should focus on the way the consumers interpret a brand, emphasising on a particular benefit (recommended to concentrate on one or two benefits as is easier to remember by the consumer), giving consumers a reference point and making sure the benefit focuses on the consumer and not on the organisation.
Their job is to make a particular brand different from others and their way of achieving this is by analysing each value as they are responsible for consumer’s behaviours.

The way consumers perceive a brand (brand image) needs to be the same as the corporation projection of the brand (brand identity). Several ways to build brand identity are by working on the presentation, personality, vision and relation with consumers; through the messages the corporation communicates to the consumers and the promises associated with the brand.
It is also very important for brands to adapt, to move according and with customers changing habits but always keeping their core value intact to reinforce customers trust on them. This is achieved this is by keeping a continuous dialogue between the corporation and their consumers.

Logos are a powerful recognition device to facilitate brand selection among consumers. Adding an image to the logo will inject ‘visibility’ to the name and an instant recognition for the e-tailer building on brand awareness.
Adding emotional values, like having a celebrity to advertise the brand, paying attention to the packaging design…altogether will help to personify the brand, and consequently, consumers can build a relationship with them.


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  • Date: October 28, 2014
  • Category: Branding
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