Number 1 question of all times – I want to be a #UX designer … how much will I earn??

Then we ask – Do you know what a UX designer does?

  • UX designers examine how humans interact with technologies to be able to make hardware and software for any product as easy to use as possible with or without instructions manual.
  • UX designers are essential to analyse, reduce and optimise the gap between the human and it’s interaction with a machine.
  • The job includes research, visual design, motion design, prototyping, writing code and product development.

The salary will go according to your experience in the field – big disappointed eyes…

This career is a very exciting one, but since technology is constantly evolving, so should you if you decide to become a UX designer.

Good luck young Jedi!

By this time, there are just 3 people left in the room including the 2 of us and some poor kid immerse on his mobile phone of course!!!