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Hotel Marketing

We have expanded our marketing expertise to cover the fascinating world of hotel marketing.

From branding to text marketing, social media, email, video marketing…we cover all.

The more information we know about customers, the more we will understand how to attract them to hotel properties. Hoteliers need to understand the electronic distribution environment and develop a comprehensive pricing strategy to maximize revenue and profitMaximizing profitability can only be possible by extracting intelligence on the day-by-day activity of these channels and analyzing the possible displacements.

An effective marketing strategy starts with knowing your customers and your goals. The CAC and the CLV are valuable metrics that are not shown in today‘s financial statements and that have to be analyzed independently. The website is an online distribution channel that could potentially have the lowest CAC and the highest CLV. Because of that, it is important to understand how to attract online shoppers, increase conversion rates, and have data mining tools to understand the customer‘s preferences and booking patterns to be able to develop a long-lasting relationship. In addition, OTA’s and GDS’s remain an essential part of the industry, as they provide marketing exposure to a wider range of market segments. Marketing budgets must, therefore, be strategically implemented to leverage each distribution channel to its maximum potential for an individual property, making sure that low-yielding distribution channels are not displacing demand from higher-yielding channels.

Give us a call to talk with one of our specialist marketers, Neil and Alex and find the best digital marketing strategy and advertising for your hotel to drive people to your website and establishment, wherever you are based on the globe!